Footnote features the expertise of scholars from the following institutions:

Babson College
Bryant University
East Carolina University
Imperial College
Indiana University
Johns Hopkins
Johnson & Wales Univ.
Mayo Clinic
New England Institute
of Technology
NYU Abu Dhabi
Rhode Island
Roger Williams
UC Berkeley
UC San Francisco
UNC Chapel Hill
Univ. of Bristol
Univ. of British Columbia
Univ. of Cambridge
Univ. of Chicago
Univ. of Connecticut
Univ. of Kentucky
Univ. of Manchester
Univ. of Michigan
Univ. of New Hampshire
Univ. of Rhode Island
Univ. of San Diego
Univ. of Toronto
UT Austin


  • Ken Opalo
    Ph.D. Candidate
    Stanford University

    Disciplines: Political Science
    Research Specialties: the political economy of development; legislative development in Africa; regional cooperation and trade in Africa; and elections, governance, and security in the Horn of Africa
  • Andrew J. Hoffman
    Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise
    University of Michigan

    Disciplines: Business
    Research Specialties: corporate strategies to address environmental and social issues; organizational behavior; institutional change; negotiations and change management
  • Enrique Martínez
    Senior Critic
    Rhode Island School of Design

    Disciplines: Architecture and Design
    Research Specialties: Systems Innovation, Methodology of the Creative Process, Food Systems, Urban Systems, Architecture and Design
  • Dan Ariely
    James B. Duke Professor of Psychology & Behavioral Economics
    Duke University

    Disciplines: Psychology
    Research Specialties: Behavioral Economics
  • Anne Fausto-Sterling
    Nancy Duke Lewis Professor Emerita of Biology & Gender Studies
    Brown University

    Disciplines: Biology
    Research Specialties: developmental biology; development of sex-related differerences in early childhood; the construction of sexuality; gender, race, and sexuality in science; dynamic systems theory
  • Sophia A. McClennen
    Professor of International Affairs & Comparative Literature
    Penn State University

    Disciplines: International Affairs
    Research Specialties: cultural responses to social change; media representations of political events; satire and politics; human rights culture; culture and globalization
  • Kathleen Cho
    Postdoctoral Fellow
    University of California, San Francisco

    Disciplines: Neuroscience/Cognitive Science
    Research Specialties: Neuroscience of mental illness, learning and memory mechanisms.
Contributor University Discipline
Achilleas Kostoulas University of Graz (Austria) Education
Adam Ewing Vanderbilt University History
AJung Moon University of British Columbia Engineering
Alan Harlam Brown University Public Policy and Administration
Alex Thurston Council on Foreign Relations Religious Studies/Theology
Alex Remington Harvard University Public Policy and Administration
Alice Eagly Northwestern University Psychology
Allen Hance Brown University Education
Anat Keinan Harvard Business School Business
Andrea Hill Harvard Business School Business
Andrew Inglis Silverside Detectors
Andrew J. Hoffman University of Michigan Business
Angelica Lim Kyoto University Computer Science
Anil Doshi Harvard Business School Business
Anne Koenig University of San Diego Psychology
Anne Fausto-Sterling Brown University Biology
Archon Fung Harvard University Political Science
Armin Krishnan East Carolina University International Affairs
Bertram Malle Brown University Psychology
Bill Brucker Brown University Medicine
Campbell R. Harvey Duke University Economics
Catherine Lutz Brown University Anthropology
Chad Jenkins Brown University Computer Science
Chris Holdgraf University of California, Berkeley Neuroscience/Cognitive Science
Christa Martin Geisinger Health System Medicine
Christopher Tan University of Chicago Biology
Claudia Strauss Pitzer College Anthropology
Colin Allen Indiana University Philosophy
Dan Ariely Duke University Psychology
Dana Cernigliaro Johns Hopkins University Public Health
David Brendel Medical Director of Psychiatric Services, Walden Behavioral Care Medicine
Dawn King Brown University Political Science
Dean Plowman New England Institute of Technology Engineering
Deborah Johnson Providence College Visual Arts
Deepa R. Camenga Yale University School of Medicine Medicine
Deepti Pradhan Yale University Chemistry
Diana Brazzell Footnote Public Policy and Administration
Eckart Woertz Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) Economics
Edinaldo Tebaldi Bryant University Economics
Eldar Sarajlic Central European University Political Science
Elizabeth Nolan Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemistry
Enrique Martínez Rhode Island School of Design Architecture and Design
Erin Riggs Geisinger Health System Biology
Eva Jennifer Edelman Yale University School of Medicine Medicine
Francesca Gino Harvard Business School Business
Francis J. Leazes Jr. Rhode Island College Public Policy and Administration
Gilbert Brunnhoeffer Roger Williams University Engineering
Hallie Siegel Robohub
Heidi Rehm Harvard Medical School Medicine
Igor Aleksander Imperial College London Engineering
James Piette Krossover Intelligence, Inc. Statistics
James T. Kloppenberg Harvard University History
Jasmine McNealy University of Kentucky Law
Jeannie Sowers University of New Hampshire Political Science
Jesse Lyons MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital Biology
Jessica Stern Harvard University Public Policy and Administration
Jessica Mulligan Providence College Public Policy and Administration
Jessica L. Radin University of Toronto Religious Studies/Theology
John Waterbury NYU Abu Dhabi Political Science
Jonathan L. Harris Johnson & Wales University Architecture and Design
Jongsung Kim Bryant University Economics
Joseph Murray University of Cambridge Sociology
Joseph Ilacqua Bryant University Economics
Karen Wain Mayo Clinic Biology
Kathleen Cho University of California, San Francisco Neuroscience/Cognitive Science
Ken Opalo Stanford University Political Science
Kimberly Hieftje Yale University School of Medicine Medicine
Liam C. Malloy University of Rhode Island Economics
Linda Bilmes Harvard University Public Policy and Administration
Linda Riley Roger Williams University Engineering
Lisa Wade Occidental College Sociology
Luciana Silvestri Harvard Business School Business
Lynn E. Fiellin Yale University School of Medicine Medicine
M. Bernardine Dias Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science
Marika Cabral University of Texas at Austin Economics
Mark Blyth Brown University Political Science
Matthew Gregg Roger Williams University Economics
Michael Christman Coriell Institute for Medical Research Medicine
Michael Connell Native Brain, Inc. Education
Michael Littman Brown University Computer Science
Michelle Bach-Coulibaly Brown University Performing Arts
Neale Mahoney University of Chicago Booth School of Business Economics
Neeru Paharia Georgetown University Business
Neil Mehrotra Brown University Economics
Nel Dutt Bocconi University Business
Nicole Martino Roger Williams University Engineering
Patti Krautscheid ARUP Laboratories Medicine
Rachel-Lyn Longo University of Rhode Island Political Science
Ravi Sarpatwari Brown University Medicine
Richard Brown University of Rhode Island Engineering
Rosella Cappella Boston University Political Science
Rupayan Gupta Roger Williams University Economics
Sabine Hauert University of Bristol Engineering
Samuel Gershman Massachusetts Institute of Technology Neuroscience/Cognitive Science
Sarah Fankhauser Harvard Medical School Biology
Sarah Weil Columbia University Biology
Sarah Haig Silverside Detectors
Shani Carter Rhode Island College Business
Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz University of Rhode Island Political Science
Silvia Bellezza Harvard Business School Business
Sophia A. McClennen Penn State University International Affairs
Stefanie Tignor Northeastern University Psychology
Stephanie Morain Johns Hopkins University Public Health
Stephen Slota University of Connecticut Education
Stephen Buka Brown University Public Health
Susan Duffy Babson College Business
Suzannah Weiss Footnote Neuroscience/Cognitive Science
Timothy Erick Brown University Biology
Trygve Throntveit Footnote History
Vinay Prasad M.D. Medicine
W. Kindred Winecoff University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Political Science